OLD FARM DAY  -  Fluvanna County, Virginia  -  Celebrating our Farming Heritage

                   Saturday, October 4, 2008    -     Palmyra, Virginia

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 19th Annual
Old Farm Day
Saturday, October 4, 2014

(Always the FIRST Saturday of October)

Pleasant Grove

1730 Thomas Jefferson Parkway (Rt. 53)

Palmyra, Virginia

Presented by the Old Farm Day Committee
of the 
Fluvanna Historical Society

For more information, contact:

Old Farm Day Committee
P. O. Box 563

Palmyra, Virginia 22963
E-mail: oldfarmday@hotmail.com
OFD Voice Mail: (434) 589-9405


2013 Old Farm Day


The Public is Invited to the
OFD Photo Contest Award Ceremony
NOVEMBER 19  4:00 pm
Fluvanna County Library


Animal Sounds Contest

1st place: under 12 group - M.S. Peterson - rooster (age 4)
1st place: over 12 group - Judy Southworth - chicken (age 73)

2nd place: under 12 group - Makayla King - monkey (age 5)
2nd place: over 12 group - Alysa Everly - dog (age 13)

3rd place: under 12 group - Alex Bielansky - chicken (age 8)
3rd place: over 12 group - Tim Catlett - owl - (age 46)

(For Taste)
1st Paige McGrath
2nd Peter Lee
3rd Samantha Lowe

(For Prettiest Pie)
Yonella Demers

Scare Crow Contest
#1, Fluvanna Girl Scouts
2nd. Becky Persico
3rd. Lake Monticello Rescue

Fluvanna Farm Bureau Benefit*
Hay Bale Toss

(Bales were sized for appropriate age group.)

8 and under male/female Landon Martin 24ft 3in.
9-12 Female Sasha Federico 11ft 4in.
9-12 Male Matt Polin 18ft 7in.
13-18 Female Hannah Meador 21ft. 7in.
13-18 Male Jeromie Voyles 31ft 8in.
19-59 Female Anna Wagner 22ft. 6in.
19-59 Male Ben Toms 36ft 1in.
60 and over Female Joan Talley 13ft 5in.
60 and over Male Thomas L. Cobb 18ft 9in.

*Farm Bureau raised $368 from the competition and donations for the Fluvanna High School Future Farmers of America.


Lori Ott---Overall Winner

Ages 12 and Under (Age Group)---Old Farm Day Category:
Ellie White---first
Abby White---second
Joshua Harris---third

12 and Under---People Category:
Ellie White---first
Abby White---second

12 and Under---Animals Category:
Joshua Harris---first
Ellie White---second

Ages 13-16 (Age Group)---Old Farm Day Category
Jessica Harris---first place

Ages 13-16---People Category
Jessica Harris---first place

Ages 13-16---Animals Category
Jessica Harris---first place

Ages 17 & Older (Age Group)---Old Farm Day Category
Theresa White---first place
Cindy Ann Trentacosta---second place
Cindy Ann Trentacosta---third place

Ages 17 & Older---People Category
Lori Ott---first place
Theresa White---second place
Frank Persico---third place

Ages 17 & Older---Animals Category
Theresa White---first place

Ages 17 & Older---Farm Equipment Category
Becky Persico---first place

Old Farm Day
Bushels of Fun Giveaway
(on our Facebook page)

Many Thanks to the following businesses and organizations for donating prizes for our
2013 Bushels of Fun Giveaway at our Facebook page.
WINNERS need to E-mail us to receive a confirmation
e-mail to take to Old Farm Day to redeem their prize.
  • Fluvanna Historical Society (OFD Founders T-Shirt)  WINNER:  JeanMarie O'Malley
  • Inkling's Ink (OFD Embroidered Caps) WINNERS: Chad O'Brien and Lizz Koedam
  • Rivanna Ridge Soaps (River's Edge Soap) WINNER: Virginia Heritage Food Project
  • Ian's Creations (Custom Caricature) WINNER: Lori Ott
  • The Weathered Owl Up-Cycled Decor (Owl Art) WINNER: Kristina Garrison
  • Bowzz by Yonella (Woven Headband) WINNER: Heather Harris
  • Drs. Douglas & Victoria Weiss (Eye Exam) WINNER: Joseph S. Allmond
  • Qualatee (Winner's Choice T-shirt) WINNER: Corrie Mathes Gamache
  • Kona Ice (Shaved Ice) WINNER: Lisa Shiflett
  • Valentines Old Fashioned Kettle Corn (Med. Bag Kettle Corn) WINNER: Vivian Spradlin Killingsworth
  • Valentines Old Fashioned Kettle Corn (Funnel Cake) WINNER: Tiffany Ellingson
  • Red Rocker Candy (7 oz. can Rocking Chair Mix) WINNER: Joanne Brust
  • Fluvanna Historical Society (Book: Virginia's Palmyra - Shiretown of Fluvanna by David. W.C. Bearr) WINNER: Amanda Harlow


1.  See NEWS for our OFD Schedule
2.  See CONTESTS & EXHIBITS for Guidelines
Note:  Advance Registration Needed for: Apple Pie Contest and Scarecrow Contest
3.  LIMITED EDITION FOUNDERS T-SHIRT will be available from the Fluvanna Historical Society to benefit the Fluvanna Farm Heritage Museum Fund. Note: The OFD Scarecrow Contest is also to benefit this same Fund.
4.  Fluvanna Farm Bureau Directors sponsoring HAY BALE TOSS to benefit the Fluvanna High School Agriculture Program.
5.  Fluvanna Farm Bureau Womens Committee sponsoring SILENT AUCTION to benefit farm families in Moore, OK
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